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Thriving at Work

- with Ambition & Serenity

6 weeks online course -
6 months of community support

How do you pursue a thriving career that suits your ambitions without sacrificing other things in your life?

What does your version of success look like?

How do you incorporate your values into the way you work and communicate with collegues or customers?

How do you work with serenity in a setting with high demands or stress?

How can you have more time and energy for the things you truly care about?

In this 6 weeks online course you get clarity on all these questions. You learn the skills that let you be ambitious in your worklife while living with serenity

Live Course starts
February 4th 2022

We meet in a live virtual setting for 6 weeks every Friday at
9am PST (San Francisco) // 12pm EST (New York) //
17pm GMT (London) // 18pm CET (Berlin) //

February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, March 4th, 11th 2022

You have access to your Audiorecordings & written materials on our private online network. With the live course you get direct support from me as your coach every week during our meetings. Groups are kept small to assure you the best support and experience. In between sessions you will share your progress, questions and struggles in our private community network.

Live group calls as well as resources and inspiration in the network are all here to support you in your personal version of success in thriving at work with ambition and serenity.

Self Pace Course
Start Anytime  

Join any time when you choose the self paced course - with Audiorecordings & written materials that are available when you are. It is paced for 6 weeks, dedicating around 30-45 minutes twice a week to the course. You can choose to go through it faster than 6 weeks or go with the flow and take your time.

When you join "Thriving at Work - with Ambition and Serenity" (live or self paced) you also receive six months of supportive connection in our online community network. A space for you to get direct support from me as you coach, a space for you to share our breakthroughs, questions and struggles with other course participants. Live group calls as well as resources and inspiration in the network are all here to support you in your personal version of success in thriving at work with ambition and serenity. 

All this is available to you for the next 6 months!
Why? Because we go deep, and the things you learn in this course are meant to create lasting change. While the skills you learn in this course are easy to implement - I don’t believe in quick fixes.

You get to take your time and practice developing your serenity. You get to explore new ways of interaction in your relationships with coworkers or customers. You might be inspired to pursue new steps in your career.
And we are here to support you during all of it!

The community network will encourage you to stay focused with a playful openness to new possibilites.

Let go & evolve offers all this on private community web platform and mobile app for Android and iOs provided by Mighty Networks

About Your Course Instructor

Hi, my name is Joy Zalzala-Soyka. I am a relationship and career coach and a multicultural, lesbian mom with great love and respect for misfits and rule breakers, who expect the best for themselves and the world.

My homebase is Berlin, Germany, and currently I live in Mexico where my spouse Jasha and I currently homeschool our kids. 

I’m passionate about social justice and I want people who have experienced harm and discrimination to receive to tools to thive in this world. Everyone deserves the encouragement and support to pursue their personal version of success and a thriving life. That’s why I have built an online coaching practice serving people from various LGBTQIA+ communities, migrants as well as women, non-binary and trans* people in biracial or multicultural relationships.
In June I will celebrate 9 years of my private coaching practice.

A Big Thank You

Offering these online courses is only possible because of the wonderful people that have guided and tought me throughout my life. My life has been shaped by activist, teachers, mentors and friends and family from various queer, migrant and PoC Communites. In my coaching practice I get to work with amazing people like you, that show up in their vulnerability in order to let go and take courageous next steps. As I support you, you offer me inspiration, you challenge me to show up as my best self, you allow me to believe in social justice and change for the individual and the collective. 

Let me know how I can help you!

You can sign up for your course below. Simply choose if you want to join the Live Course or the Self Paced Version.
If you have any questions about payment options, such as paying in installments, or by Money Transfer within the European Union just let me know.

If you have any questions about the the online course or private coaching sessions with me, feel free to email me,
or directly book a free "Talk to Me"Session on my online calendar.

[email protected]

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